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Nook Technologies Inc.
Webflow, Figma, Adobe CC
February 2022 - Present
Usability, SEO

How can we engage and educate people about Nook Calendar

I redesigned our corporate website with a mix of mobile, web and desktop screenshots to go along with refined messaging. With this update, we solidified our positioning in the market as the smart calendar for busy professionals.



I made a conscious effort to make the site feel clickable. Whether the user is clicking to linked information down the page or into our web app, clickable elements help people feel engaged with the content.

Engaging Content

The site is populated with animations that demonstrate how the app is used. This one accompanies an entry in the Changelog about the new custom booking page. The animated content was designed to grab the viewers attention and explain what is now possible with our product.

I published this second site to introduce people to our upcoming product and capture their emails to add to a waitlist. I dealt with building the site to have a two part form that stores information on a single spreadsheet.


Social Media

Part of my role responsibility was creating a presence on social media. We worked as a team to coordinate posts that included helpful productivity tips, company announcements and feature updates.

Find our social pages here:


Since joining the team our site at has seen an 188% increase in average weekly users. The waitlist at is growing too as we continue to promote it.

Other Projects:

Web Design
Transparency App
Google Pixel Watch

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