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Xesto Inc.
Figma, Adobe CC
July 2021 - Present
IOS, Motion Design,
Usability, Gamify.

How can we make Xesto Fit rewarding and easy to use?

Xesto Fit is a tool that helps people find their shoe size across hundreds of brands based on a precise 3D scan.

How can we help users to use the app effectively while making the experience fun and rewarding?


While I am not yet able to share the full scope of my involvement with the Xesto Fit app, as many changes have not yet been published, I can show our striving toward making the app as usable and rewarding as possible.

"Successful products of the future - those with which the user really identifies - will contain elements of both tools and toys."

-Alexander Manu, Tool Toys 1995



I often test the newest features of the app with real users to discover opportunities for improvement. Generally, we have found that people understand more when there is visual structure consistency. If the app talks to the user, make the communication happen in the same place, every time.

This sign in page is part of many minor updates made to the current Xesto Fit that improve visual consistency.


So how can we make a functional tool into something equally playful? Using color, sound, haptics and animation to enhance their journey through the process. We also found that when you give people choices about how they proceed through the tutorial. For example we always let people choose which foot to scan first. We want the user to receive their results and feel rewarded for their efforts.


Creating an excellent experience for the user means making Xesto Fit practical and playful. In doing this we acknowledge that people also have psychological needs, not just physiological ones. We continue to strive toward making Xesto Fit in harmony with this principle.

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